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Quarantine Affects Critical Katy Christian Ministries Donations and Services

KATY MAGAZINE NEWS March 30, 2020 By Ali Litton and Jennifer Miko

Katy Christian Ministries provides critical services to members of the community. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced the non-profit organization to temporarily close its resale stores which provide much-needed operational funding.

In a world facing much uncertainty and fear amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a movement has blossomed in the hearts of people all over the world. United through isolation and the unknown, a community has grown which cannot be contained by walls or streets or borders or even oceans.

In the Katy community, Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) leads the way and has been a guiding light for those in need in times of uncertainty for 35 years. Earlier this month, KCM implemented a COVID-19 Response Plan and continues to make modifications as government regulations dictate.

“While my heart wants to stay open for our community, the daily mandates could present a challenge to our operations,” shares Deysi Crespo, Executive Director of KCM, about meeting both the needs of the people, and the standard being set by governing agencies.

Social Services

Monday-Thursday 9a.m.-Noon and 1-5p.m. No walk-ins.

Case Managers will conduct assessments and interviews, financial coaching, follow-ups, and food pantry intakes by telephone or email only. To schedule a phone interview with a case manager, call 281-391-9623.

Food Pantry

5506 1st St.

Monday-Thursday 9a.m.-Noon and 1-4p.m.

The KCM Food Pantry is currently serving the community with emergency food. Those seeking assistance should remain in their cars at all times and a staff or volunteer will serve you. For questions, call 281-391-3730; clients may not go inside the food pantry.

Crisis Center

Client Advocates and Counselors will do crisis intervention by telephone at 281-391-4504. No walk-ins.

Domestic Violence Hotline: 281-391-HELP (4357)

Domestic Violence Non-emergency line: 281-391-4504

Sexual Abuse Hotline: 281-693-RAPE (7273)

Sexual Abuse Non-emergency line:  281-391-5262

Resale Stores

As of March 25, KCM Resale Stores and Donation Center have closed. They ask that people set aside their donations for when they reopen. Click here for the complete list of accepted items.

Helping KCM Help Others

During this time, KCM truly needs the Katy community to share the spirit of giving which always emerges during difficult times.

On their website, KCM posted:

"KCM’s biggest need currently is operational funding as our Resale Store sales have been deeply impacted by this crisis. We rely heavily on store sales to continue to provide free services and programs to the community. Please consider making a financial contribution as we continue to serve. We are also in need of in-kind nonperishable foods, and disposable masks for our Food Pantry workers to continue to serve clients."

How Can You Help?


Sign up to Volunteer for the Food Pantry here.

KCM will provide gloves, hand soap, and hand sanitizers throughout the facilities.

As KCM continues to help minimize the risks by reducing contact with people through the implementation of these new methods, KCM also encourages you to stay connected with the latest updates from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your local officials and city leaders.


Consider a financial donation for operation support. To give make a donation, click here.

Donations of hand-sanitizers, gloves, soaps, disinfectants and non-perishables can be dropped off at 5504 1st Street. For a full list of items needed for the Food Pantry, click here.

As the virus travels the world, the love and resiliency of the human spirit travels just behind it, pouring love in its wake and embracing those left in the devastation.

Katy Christian Ministries is working tirelessly to bring help to those in need. Stand together with the Katy community and be a part of what makes Katy so great- people willing to give their time, their energy, their resources, and their love to others.

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