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Sage Northcutt: Katy UFC Superstar is Making a Name for Himself

After a decisive win in Austin, Texas in February, the Katy High School graduate became the youngest fighter in UFC history with 5 victories, and to achieve a 5-0 record. Find out how Sage Northcutt is blazing a trail in the Lightweight division and using his fighting career to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

KATY MAGAZINE | March 2018 By Ashley Lancaster

While the world was watching Americans compete for Olympic glory in South Korea, Katy-native Sage Northcutt was gearing up for his first big fight in the Lightweight division of the UFC. It's pretty awesome to hear "Fighting out of Katy, Texas....Super Sage Northcutt!" blaring over a packed arena on national television. And Northcutt is representing Katyites well. He is the youngest fighter in UFC history to have 5 victories.

The 21-year-old recently decided to put his education as a petroleum engineering student at Texas A&M on hold, a tough choice, but one he feels confident about.

"I had to take a break because the talent in the UFC is too great, and I have a lot of fundamentals to learn. Fighting for the UFC is an opportunity to compete in the best MMA professional league in the world. It is also opening doors for other opportunities in acting and with sponsors," he says.

Sage the "Super Saiyan"

Some of the biggest names in fighting, including celebrity fighter and sports commentator, Joe Rogan, have raved about Northcutt's energy, flexibility, and overall athleticism in the ring, claiming his spark is good PR for the sport. As it stands, his career record is 10-2. In one YouTube interview, Northcutt's coach and team leader for Team Alpha Male, Urijah Faber, calls him, "Santa with abs" and believes he can be a World Champ.

That high-octane positive attitude, bleach blonde spiked hair, and almost super-human agility have given rise to a pretty fitting nickname on social media, "Super Saiyan." For those who don't know, it's a reference to the popular Dragon Ball Z anime cartoon, in which a Super Saiyan is a person who possesses supernatural powers and incredible martial arts skill. Understandable, considering Northcutt's diverse background in karate, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's interesting to both UFC fans and friends and family to watch the way his fighting style has evolved from his Catchweight fights to now. "I have learned to be more patient because the skill level is so high in the UFC and there is little room for error. You can't rush in on your opponent just because you may have dazed or hurt him. You have to be more calculating. So, I’m still learning how to control the pace and my adrenaline," says Northcutt.

Faith in the Fight One quality that makes Northcutt so popular with the media is his unique ability to be positive and approachable, and then wreak havoc on his opponents in the ring. He's not wasting the positive press. As a devout Christian, Northcutt uses every opportunity to share his faith with anyone he comes into contact with.

"Every time I win and get interviewed in the octagon, whether it’s on Pay-Per-View or FOX, I get to speak about Jesus Christ. The UFC also gives me a tremendous amount of media exposure, along with my sponsored events, to go and speak. Those are always great opportunities. I use social media platforms as well, and during autograph signings, I can write scriptures on photos."

Since he began, Northcutt has felt strongly about sharing Jesus Christ wherever and whenever he can. "It's possible that I may be the only Bible example some people may see, so I try to be the light for others by example. I like the example that Tim Tebow set, and feel he is a great role model," he says.

In our last feature, Sage was training at Gracie Barra in Katy. Now, he's on Team Alpha Male with coach and UFC Hall-Of-Famer, Urijah Faber in Sacramento, CA. "I wanted to be in a world class MMA studio to train with other UFC fighters and other professional fighters. Urijah owns the studio in Sacramento, oversees all of my training from the wrestling, grappling, and sparring. He always matches me up with the proper training partners to improve my skills."

His success has led to multiple sponsorship from big names in Houston. “I would like to thank Lee Labrada and attorney Tony Buzbee for all the support during my career. They’ve been instrumental in my success," he says.

Katy Roots and Traditions

Before he entered the UFC circuit, Sage was a competitive kickboxer, won a district championship and competed for a state championship in Men's Wrestling for Katy High School. He doesn't get to come home as much as he'd like to, but when he does, he likes to hang out close to where it all started. "Right now I only come home to Katy to visit for several weeks in between my fights. This last visit I went with my dad and brother Shaun to Willy Burger across from Katy High School. They have the best burgers!" he says.

Next on the horizon, Northcutt is returning to Sacramento to continue training for his next fight. His brother Shaun, a 2017 graduate of Katy High School, plans to train there and help Sage run a YouTube channel. "I think Shaun will do great with fighting. He has really good Jiu-Jitsu and is 6'3," he says. Their sister, Colbey, is an pro fighter living in Orange, California.

The octagon interview after his main card Lightweight bout (victory) with Gouti on 2/18 sums up Northcutt's mission in life. "I just want to say that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and I'm so honored to be here in front of you all," he says.


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