The Great Katy Restaurant Explosion of 2018

You won't believe all the amazing and diverse Katy eateries that have exploded on the scene in the past few months. Katy has more new restaurants that are tempting our palettes and expanding waistlines than ever before. From fusion to pho, from burgers to breakfast joints, we're having trouble keeping up. Here's a great list of what's new in 2018. Check it out!

KATY MAGAZINE |July 2018 Jennifer Skelton


(Photo courtesy of Harris County Smokehouse)


Phanh Ky Asian Noodle House

23119 Colonial Pkwy.


With so many Pho places opening lately, this second location of Phanh Ky, offers a little something different...Hu Tieu. South Vietnam-inspired dishes using Hu Tieu are served with pork and seafood broth, as opposed to the beef broth of Pho. All dishes are under $10.

Tiger Noodle House

1721 Spring Green Blvd.


After the huge success of the original Katy Fwy. location, this second location opened in the Spring of 2018 offering a modern interpretation of classic dishes using only high quality fresh ingredients to create dishes such as Tiger Hot Beef Noodle Soup ($11-$18) to Fried Rice ($8-$10).

U-Maki Sushi Burrito

98 W. Grand Parkway S.


U-Maki brings an innovative twist to traditional Japanese cuisine with a made-to-order, hand held sushi burrito. Patrons can create their own sushi burrito from scratch or choose from one of the house favorite combinations ranging from $9 - $11.


Harris County Smokehouse

222 W. Grand Parkway S.


Using old family recipes making almost everything from scratch with no artificial ingredients, the Katy location opened in June 2018. Before BBQ, the family specialized in breakfast which is why Harris County Smokehouse opens at 7 am serving breakfast. A BBQ plate ranges from $11 - $17 with your choice of meats....beef, link sausage, pulled pork, ribs, chicken and turkey.

L&L Hawaiian Grill

2404 Texmati Dr.

Serving plate lunches that date back to wage laborers of the 19th century sugar plantations and pineapple fields, L&L Hawaiian Grill offers a unique twist to BBQ from a mix of home recipes from Japan, China, the Philippines, Portugal, Korea and New England.