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Truck Stolen from Katy Fire Station Totaled After Police Chase


April 27, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

The personal truck of a battalion chief was stolen from a Katy fire station. The same truck was found after it was wrecked and totaled during a police chase.

Photo courtesy of Battalion Chief Justin Pfitzner.

Battalion Chief Justin Pfitzner parked his personal vehicle, a 2500 Dodge Ram truck in front of Harris County ESD No. 48 Station 1 (24127 Western Centre Dr.) Friday when he arrived for work.

“I’m unsure if it was locked or not,” says Chief Pfitzner. “I was in and out of it throughout the day. I didn’t notice it was gone until that morning when I went to leave.”

Pfitzner called Harris County Sheriff’s Office and filed a report. He worked with his station to review footage and saw a woman enter his truck and leave just before midnight.

“Initially I thought the truck was gone and that I’d never see it again,” says Pfitzner. “Then they found it.”

When investigators searched a history on Pfitzner’s truck they found that it had already been recovered. However, a moment of excitement quickly ended.

Photo courtesy of Battalion Chief Justin Pfitzner.

Truck Involved in a Police Chase

Pfitzner’s truck was involved in a police chase with Stafford Police Department. It is unclear if the woman involved in the police chase is the same woman who stole the vehicle. After the truck was stolen it was taken to Stafford to where a police officer attempted to pull the driver over. That turned into a police chase that ended in Spring when the driver crashed and totaled Pfitzner’s truck.

“It was a shock to learn that the truck had been crashed, recovered, and towed,” says Pfitzner, who was thankful to gain access to his truck.

Recovered Wedding Ring and Possessions

“I was able to get my possessions including my wedding ring, which I take off and leave in my truck when I’m at work,” says Pfitzner. He was also able to recover his college ring, toolbox, and additional clothes. The thief did steal some money that he had in the truck.

Chief Pfitzner does say he’s seeing more crime in the area. “I think crime is just moving out,” he says. “Especially places along 99 with easy access.”

Take Precautions as Crime Moves to Katy

Pfitzner urges others to take precautions to protect their vehicle and possessions.

“Make sure your vehicle is locked and that possessions are either not in or hidden out of sight,” says Pfitzner. “Always park in a well lit area.”

Chief Pfitzner was parked in a well-lit and obviously monitored area just in front of the station. He says that anyone can be a victim, even when they do everything right.

If you feel your vehicle has been entered or broken into, always reach out to local authorities. Pfitzner is still working with insurance and dreads buying a new vehicle in the current market.

"An event such as this is something that most people think will never happen to them until it does," says Pfitzner. "Especially from a first responders station."


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