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Man Caught on Camera Pointing Gun at Katy Home


February 1, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy family is concerned after their home security camera caught a man pointing a gun at their house early Saturday morning. The suspect looked through their vehicles but didn’t steal anything.

“You just don’t know what would have happened had we gone outside,” says Amanda Morrison, who’s Blink security camera recorded the alarming footage.

The Morrisons live in the Hickory Creek/Seven Meadows neighborhood across from Bonnie Holland Elementary. The footage was recorded around 3:30 Saturday morning.

“We woke up Saturday and read that there had been some vehicle burglaries in our neighborhood overnight,” says Morrison. “That’s when I noticed that I had a notification on my video.”

The video shows the suspect going through the vehicles in their driveway, as well as the suspect pointing a handgun at the house and their security camera.

Watch the Video

Nothing was stolen from either of the Morrisons’ vehicles.

“We leave our vehicles unlocked but with nothing in them because we don’t want to deal with broken glass,” explains Morrison.

Overnight vehicle break-ins are not a new occurrence in Katy neighborhoods. However, the dangerous nature of this video sets this case apart.

The Morrisons did call local law enforcement and the deputy who responded was also shocked at the footage.

The suspect appears to be going through the neighborhood on foot and is wearing a light-color hoodie but nothing covering his face. He looks to be in his early 20s.

“Home video has become a very common part of investigations,” says Fort Bend Constable Chad Norvell. “We ask that victims discuss sharing it publicly with their assigned detective prior to doing so.”

Remove Belongings, Lock Up Every Night

To prevent being an easy target, authorities recommend removing valuable personal items from your vehicle that could tempt thieves and lock up your vehicle every night if you must park on the street or driveway.

Local law enforcement are currently investigating this case. They were able to pull a thumb print and a partial palm print from one of the vehicles.

“The footage was very brazen and threatening,” says Morrison.

"We didn't press any charges as there was no damage and nothing was taken," says Morrison. "It will be up to the District Attorney if they will want to pursue any charges on terroristic threats."

It is important for residents to notify their local law enforcement agencies if they see anything alarming on home security cameras or have any concerns.


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